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  • Conducting availability and clearance searches and advising on selection of trademarks and their use and registrability risks

  • Advice on filing strategies, preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications

  • Monitoring of trademark bulletins

  • Handling recordal of assignments, mergers and changes in business type, name or address of right holders

  • Handling maintenance and renewals

  • Handling oppositions, appeals, responses to oppositions and office actions

  • Conducting settlement negotiations, co-existence agreements and letters of consent

  • Negotiating and drafting licence and assignment agreements

  • Invalidation and cancellation actions and applications for the revocation of trademarks based on non-use

  • Infringement and unfair competition actions, compensation actions and ex-parte preliminary injunction requests 

  • Filing criminal complaints and conducting raids and seizures

  • Customs recordals and IP enforcement before customs

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