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Legal Update: The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Examination Guide

Kodiak Law & IP

Sep 6, 2021

Trademark Examination Guideline of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office has been updated and published

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office has recently updated the Trademark Examination Guideline. The New Guideline includes a content regarding the likelihood of confusion examination as per the Article 6/1 of the IP Code. The factors affecting the likelihood of confusion, such as similarity of goods and services, similarity of signs, relevant public and degree of attention, distinctiveness of the earlier trademark, and an overall evaluation of all these factors are discussed in detail with sample decisions. One of the most important parts of the new guideline is the clarifications as to the similarity of goods and services. It is put forth with samples which goods and services the Office evaluates to be similar and in which criteria, which we believe to bring more consistency for the good and service similarity evaluation both before the Office and the courts.

You can download the Guideline in Turkish from here .

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